Future Workshop

Workshops for youths, formulating thoughts and Ideas about their own Cities future development. Part of BMU’s Zukunft? Jugend Fragen!

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near that place

A conversational installation around the topic of belonging, memory and home.


Inbetween the layers

A responsive sound experience in the Biological museum of Stockholm.


Native realm

An 8000 km travel by truck through the north of Europe. Inviting local visitors in to a permanently temporary home over a cup of coffee and sharing memories of belonging.

Re - designing spaces

A workshop on perception and movement in public space.


A workshop and monthly meeting around conditions of work.



An activated publication on social exchange and participation in semi- and public space.

The ecological theater

A six month long curatorial project taking place in the Biological museum of Stockholm.



A book about the Biological museum in Stockholm.



A performative sound experience around sharing knowledge.


near that plate

A participatory dinner experience around taste, memory and home.


practicing dance history

A workshop on new methods and artistic practices in the choreographic field since the 1950's.


insisting on

A physical performance with live electronic music.

i do nothing but think of you

A performative installation about lending ones body as projection surface.


Dance (rafal)

A dance performance about memory and history of the personal body.